I enter the room quickly
Because I cherish the time spent inside
And not so much the coming and going.
You can waste half your life being careful,
Getting into and out of things slowly,
So I do it quickly,
Turning the knob and sliding my feet past the threshold
In one unbroken motion,
Gawping as three beloved faces turn toward me,
Expressions promising schemes, intrigue, plots,
The daily, endless complications of life,
And change, so much of it, happening so fast,
But correcting itself fully,
Always leaving us where we were when we began.
I gave up a good, honest life for this,
To be the fourth gear in this intricate machine,
To stutter and flop and flail,
To be your fool.
So I take his food when I’m hungry
And I’ll take what I can from you too.
And you won’t hear please or thank you, because, like the coming and going,
They take up time you’ll someday wish you had back.