Parish Jeppa Goes Wrong

In the near future, people spend their time downloading think-apps to their brain implants through the Brain Net (Bret). Think-apps enhance the world. They present thrilling virtual realities. The legal ones are fun and useful. The illegal ones are downright addictive…
Parish Jeppa is a skilled Bret crime investigator, but his world falls into turmoil when he dabbles in black market think-apps and gets himself addicted.
The department removes his implant, but gives him one last chance to regain it and his standing in the world: He must infiltrate a gang of eccentric, Bret-shunning troublemakers called the Wrongboys and uncover a mysterious offline communication device that has the authorities panicked.

Unlinked and cast aside, Parish infiltrates the gang and closes in on its dangerous inner circle.

What he finds there will change him forever…

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